About smallrooms

As a graphic designer, all my spare moments have been spent perusing any reading material that had to do with historical architecture and the preservation and/or restoration process of older structures. Even my vacations have been planned and experienced with the intent of complete immersion into the older cultures and architecture of Europe. Now that you know this, perhaps you can understand why I find the teardown trend of our older homes here in Dallas, Texas so disheartening.

In 2001, I started planning my own home’s restoration with the goal of proving that with cleverly planned built-ins, an 1800 square foot home can have more storage space and be equally viable as any of the 5000 plus square foot homes being built today. And when front and back gardens are included, it becomes a mini-estate. Not only has it become a way of life for me, it’s my own piece of heaven. And I would like to share it with you.

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