Back Garden

The best looking backyard ever. To see how the backyard looked before the transformation began, you’ll need to visit my blog posts starting on July 10, 2011. Michael Parkey
‘s design called for the backyard to be divided into three sections. First there’s the shade garden located under the oak tree and in front of the garage. Then there’s the brick steps and the stone terrace leading from the house to the greenhouse and garage. And finally there’s the large sun garden that is bracketed on one end with an arch of plants framing a planted pedestal container. I like to call this the “focal point”. The above slide show shows how the garden looked just after all had been planted. The garden has grown considerably since then, and I’m planning on reshooting it sometime in July.

The Lace Fence. I wanted to share my garden visually with those who walk or drive by, so I chose the Dutch Design House of Demakersvan’s Lace Fence. It combines the ancient craft of lace making with the industrial chain-link fence. The whole process of purchasing and importing it was a time consuming, daunting and monumental task for me, but it was well worth it.

landscape architect: Michael Parkey
landscape contractor: Hadden Landscaping
irrigation and lighting: Fellows Irrigation Services

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