Phase 2A: Kitchen Before Construction

The kitchen and tumor wing. This entire area was no longer in its original condition. In the late 1960s, the original breakfast room and kitchen had been constructed into one big room, the breakfast room window had been filled in, and a poorly designed wing had been added. The space was awkward, dark and depressing. Unfortunately I was so pressed for time just before the construction was to begin, that I never got around to taking any pictures before the demolition.

While ripping out the old walls, we found all kinds of fun clues to what had been there originally. The water heater had once been located next to where my range is now; the hall bathroom’s window was found in a wall in the new pantry; the ghost markings of the original built-in shelving in the breakfast room were briefly revealed; and the old green composition floor tile was still securely glued to the sub-flooring.

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