Front Garden Makeover

The new shade garden was designed by Michael Parkey and implemented by Hadden Landscaping. The new design called for the expansion of both planting beds. This additional depth allowed the introduction of larger plants that could provide a fun mix of varied heights, colors, moundings, and textures, while at the same time reducing the amount of grass lawn. Also an entirely new irrigation system was to be installed. This time drip irrigation could finally be used in both beds.

Before the demolition could begin, plants had to be marked with colored tape designating whether they were to be removed, transplanted, or untouched. Hadden Landscaping made fast work of the demo, and the irrigation crew was able to come the next day to place the new drip lines and sprinkler heads.

Because of the newly extended beds, the removal of the not-so-hot-looking plants, the transplanting of some of the original perennials, and the addition of shade tolerant perennials, I’m hoping that I won’t need to be putting in the insane amount of maintenance hours that have been required over the last few summers. Looking at the above photos, you may think that things look a bit tiny and insignificant. Just you wait. In July or August, I’ll be taking new photos to upload, and you will then definitely see a big difference.

landscape architect: Michael Parkey
landscape contractor: Hadden Landscaping
irrigation and lighting: Fellows Irrigation Services

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