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Don’t Call, Just Come

Kris Pierce’s 'Missed Calls'
Kris Pierce’s ‘Missed Calls’

Tonight at The Reading Room, Kris Pierce’s Missed Calls will open with a reception from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. The Reading Room is located at 3715 Parry Avenue.

Using three separate phone numbers which will be posted in diverse geographic locations of the city, Pierce will output the data from the calls into one continuous scrolling printout in the gallery. The data will then be compiled into a book. The exhibition, which continues his investigation of technology and information and its influence on human behavior and quotidian activities, continues through February 2.

Kris Pierce is an artist, designer and animator who lives and works in Fort Worth where he is co-founder of the experimental art collective Homecoming! He has recently shown at Conduit Gallery‘s Project Room, Fort Worth Contemporary Artswhere is the power and Eastfield College. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas and is currently Art Director of video content for Funimation Entertainment.

Contemporary Art

Second Stop: The Reading Room


The Index Cards: Vincent Falsetta will open at The Reading Room on Saturday, December 3 from 7 to 9 pm and continue through December 31. There will also be an artist talk on Saturday, December 10 at 4 pm.

“Process as content is for me a form of indexing the moment, “Falsetta says about his practice. The index cards date back to the 1980s. There is a format that he follows. First the work is described in detail: dimensions, materials, when the canvas was stretched, then title and any dedication. There is usually but not always a thumbnail of the work, sometimes a diagram or chart, and questions that he poses to the work and to himself. He writes, deliberately, with pen and ink, thus slowing the process down and making it more than just documentation or a journal entry. There are over 600 cards.

Contemporary Art

A Bloomsday Celebration


The Reading Room will present a Bloomsday celebration on Thursday, June 16 from 6 until 10 pm, with readings from James Joyce’s Ulysses, music and related visual material.

Confession: I have never read Ulysses. Question: Should I go and pretend to know something about something? What Karen has lined up for the evening sounds like it would be fun and interesting, but I’m terribly afraid of saying something stupid. I wonder if Half Price Books will have an old collection of Cliff Notes. Woohoo! I just found an online version of Cliffs Notes. If you’re like me, study up here before attending and also go here for an NPR article by Frank Delaney.

Agenda: Festivities will begin at 6 pm with a screening of Harrell Fletcher’s Blot Out the Sun in which a very condensed version of major themes of Ulysses is staged in a service station. Readings by Jeff Whittington of KERA, Charles Dee Mitchell, and Diane Orr will follow. And to conclude the evening, there will be a bit of Irish music.

Thanks to Conduit Gallery, Jennie Otttinger’s book portrait Ulysses will be on view. It is part of her larger library project which was recently shown at the Volta Art Fair (NYC). Ottinger received her MFA from Mills College in Oakland and lives and works in San Francisco.

The Reading Room is a project space dedicated to the intersection of visual and literary culture and is located at 3715 Parry Avenue. For further information: Karen Weiner,