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Fancy New Garage Accessory


A pig with attitude has finally found his permanent home after three years of collecting dust on my work table within the garage. He had to wait until my general contractor returned to finish up my home’s final phase of restoration. Of all the fun weathervane options, he was by far my favorite. The website that I purchased him from is no longer up and running, but I did manage to find another site with the exact same pig and many other well-crafted options. Eventually I will take a photo from the front of my garage. Today the doors were dismantled and hauled off to be repaired causing the front view to look rather pitiful.

Travel: Culture & Architecture

Color Choices for Outbuildings


In September 2004, I joined The Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America on an four day tour of the Berkshires’ aging “cottages” of the Gilded Age. Bunny Williams, as a member of the board, was gracious enough to host all of us at her home and gardens in Connecticut. Unfortunately, the photos I took are all outdoor shots. I don’t remember why. Maybe I thought it would be rude to photograph the interiors. Maybe we were told not to. I just don’t remember. I won’t be posting all of these photos today. Instead they will be used at different times in the future to illustrate a point.

(above) Note how the building’s color allows it to blend in with its environment. When it came to choosing colors for my garage, my architect gave me two suggestions. The first one being to paint it the same color as the wood boards of my house (cream), or as the second choice, allow the building to blend in with its natural surroundings (too nice of a description for my unsightly backyard). I chose the latter. Now, after going through all these old photos, I realize that Bunny chose the same color concept for her outbuildings. A lucky and happy coincidence for me.