Film: Design & Architecture

Hell’s Angels (1930)

Even though this entire blog post is about the use of color in this film, I needed an introduction image.

Hell’s Angels is a 1930 American war film and one of the first sound blockbuster action films. Directed and produced by Howard Hughes and starring Jean Harlow, Ben Lyon, and James Hall, this film had been originally conceived as a silent film. But after completing the silent version, Hughes decided to scrap the film and reshoot most of it with sound. By 1930, the production had cost $4,000,000, an unrivaled amount until 1940, when the final cost of Gone With the Wind was tallied. The plot is less than stellar, but the visuals are mesmerizing, making this film a must-see.

Film: Design & Architecture

Wife versus Secretary (1936)


Starring Clark Gable, Myrna Loy, and Jean Harlow. I have recently subscribed to Netflix just so I could get my hands on classic film dvds. With my extensive and ever increasing list of old films that have interior sets that I wish to capture, purchasing them would be a waste of money. Especially since my subscription allows me to view any of them at any time with on-demand streaming. Hopefully, Netflix won’t reach out and reprimand me for this hobby of mine. Click the link below for the captured interiors of this wonderful old black and white film.