Off to Paris

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And no, the dog is not going with me.

I’ve leased an apartment and will be there for three and a half weeks. Because of the endless preparation for this “vacation”, I’m not feeling the excitement yet. At the moment, I’m at the airport waiting. At least the painful aspects of this journey are, for the most part, behind me. You can follow my escapades on my Instagram page. Later, when I’m back home, I’ll post the better photos here.

My Brand New Portfolio Website

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My original portfolio case pictured above was handmade by Two Women Boxing, and the portfolio itself was a collection of transparencies. I would also carry a portable light box with me to interviews. Transparencies were best for showing off environmental graphics.

Finally, I have a website for my business! I can’t tell you how much fun it was to design and pull this new site together. I’m not kidding. There were some long tedious moments. Some of the older logos had to be digitally redrawn, because they predated the computer, and all my print pieces needed to be photographed in a studio setting. But for the most part, the production went smoothly. And now, all that’s needed is to add the new projects as they are completed. The hard part is done! Yay!

One last word: If you’re viewing this site with an older browser, it will not play as designed.

More Garden Moments

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This photo was taken from the alley.

If you were to meander down my alley, this is what you would see. With just a fancy lace chain link fence dividing my back garden from the alley, there’s nothing to obstruct this view. The following photographs were taken at the beginning of July when all plants were looking their best and blooming with one exception, my Texas Lilac Vitex. It had the unfortunate luck of blooming profusely four weeks prior when we had weeks of clouds and rain. Click on the link below for more views of my back garden.

Landscape Architect: Michael Parkey

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What Greets Me Every Morning

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This was shot from my bathroom window while leaning way out and freaking my dogs out. Click on the image for a much larger version.

It’s a view that never fails to start my day with a smile. I’ve recently photographed my backyard gardens and will be posting those photos soon. There’s been numerous setbacks over the last few years. The summers of 2011 and 2012 were brutal to this newly planted paradise, and then there was the drip irrigation system that took a couple of years to adjust and learn what each plant required. Then there was this last winter’s extended freezes that killed my Blue mist flowers, Pink Skullcaps, and most of the Zexmenia. My entire backyard is planted with Texas hardy perennials, but not many of them can survive multiple long periods of time where the temperature never gets close to or above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. And then with an extensive cooler-than-usual spring, plants were late in growing and becoming available to buy at local nurseries. It took forever to acquire the replacements I needed.

Hopefully this view will be given a chance to survive for a few more years, because the constant heartbreak with our Texas weather extremes and the constant labor of rebuilding has worn me out. On a positive note: I have planted Texas tough plants and have installed drip irrigation, so the current water restrictions will not be a problem.

Landscape Architect: Michael Parkey

Fireworks of a Different Sort

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My Spring Spider Lilies and ornamental grass are blooming simultaneously.

It’s a show that can only be appreciated when viewed from my house. I can kick myself for not thinking of taking this photo and posting it here on the blog in time for the Fourth of July. Instead it occurred to me a day later. It’s been three years since the lilies were planted, and they have now become established and will be even more spectacular in the years to come.

Hymenocallis × ‘Tropical Giant’
Miscanthus sinensis ‘Adagio’— Dwarf Maiden Grass

Hell’s Angels (1930)

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Even though this entire blog post is about the use of color in this film, I needed an introduction image.

Hell’s Angels is a 1930 American war film and one of the first sound blockbuster action films. Directed and produced by Howard Hughes and starring Jean Harlow, Ben Lyon, and James Hall, this film had been originally conceived as a silent film. But after completing the silent version, Hughes decided to scrap the film and reshoot most of it with sound. By 1930, the production had cost $4,000,000, an unrivaled amount until 1940, when the final cost of Gone With the Wind was tallied. The plot is a bit lame, but the visuals are mesmerizing, making this film a must-see.

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