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From Flower to Fruit


Flowering Quince. Just because the fruit looks like a green apple does not mean it can be eaten like one, as in raw. Even the birds and other critters don’t seem to like it. After counting a grand total of twelve on my two shrubs, I searched the internet for some recipe options. Only jellies and quince butter were recommended. Because of the twelve hour minimum cooking time needed to soften them, this project just would not be worthwhile for me. So once they ripen and drop, they’ll be added to my compost heap.

2 thoughts on “From Flower to Fruit”

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      I didn’t know The MAC had a blog. Is it suppose to be a secret? Because I don’t see a link from the main site. Anyway, that is a very nice post, and I really like your writing style. Judy’s description “sticks with blooms” cracks me up, but we can’t forget about the thorns. The very long pointy thorns.

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