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Trick o’ Treat


Prepared for the onslaught. And the troops are ready. Goodie bags filled with a mix of novelty toys and candy has been my Halloween custom for many years. And as usual I relied on Oriental Trading for the items. This year’s trick is Alien Test Tubes of Slime which is meant to gross you out but is not recommended for consumption. And the first treat is Werewolf Hair (cotton candy). Unfortunately, it is no longer on their website, so I can’t show you what the package looks like. Instead I’ll show you what I used last year, Toe Jam Cotton Candy. The last, but not least, treat is Decayed Bone Powder.

Usually there are at least 50 kids who drop by. But it varies so much between the years, that I have no way of gaging on what to expect and be prepared for. Three years ago, there were 90. Last year it was less than 50. But if the Rangers win tonight and play on Halloween…

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