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Revisiting my past travels through my digital library has been a small respite from my current daily grind which now includes cleaning, purging, organizing, packing, moving, and dispersing my mother’s effects. Four thousand square feet and eighty years of memories need to be carefully and thoughtfully dealt with. And at times it has been overwhelming. So here’s my latest jaunt down memory lane.


Isola Bella, one of the Barromean islands of Lago Maggiore in northern Italy, is more famous for its “10-tiered wedding cake” garden from the seventeenth century than its vast baroque palazzo. But today I am showing you photos of the grotto rooms that lead out from the palace to the garden. I wasn’t allowed to photograph any of the other rooms within the building. In fact when I tried, the security guard started yelling at me in Italian. But the grottos and garden were not forbidden. Today’s post is just pretty pictures of the grottos. The other garden photos will be shared with you sometime in the future.




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