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Not Having Fun, Just Bummed

This image is a stand-in for the vacation I'm NOT experiencing.
This image is a stand-in for the vacation I’m NOT experiencing.

Massive computer and software upgrades have still not been completed. And if I had known in advance that the tech would need to make several visits over a week’s period, I would have left the country for some exotic locale and have them call me when it’s been completed and with no lingering kinks. But, I’m afraid that these kinks followed by cocktails will be a part of my life for the next couple of months.

Since my applications have not been installed (e.g. photoshop with all my camera plugins and other graphic programs), I can’t share my new photos of spring beginning to peep through in my garden. I refuse to use iPhoto to doctor new photos. Only Photoshop will do for me. The above image, used with a blast email sent to my clients informing them of my upcoming vacation way back in 2002, has been resurrected out of my old files. So in the meantime, let’s all maintain loose posture.

2 thoughts on “Not Having Fun, Just Bummed”

  1. Do you have iwork?
    Pages is a pretty easy program that mimics elements from photoshop/iphoto, etc.
    I use that program to do the artwork for my blog.

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      I have been to hell and back with this upgrade crud and am now finished with the major stuff. So I will be back to using photoshop and bridge, because my camera shots are in the raw format, which is best for designers who want the most optimal information in their photos. But… this means that I will be in a learning curve to get up to speed in CS5 with all its new plugins for my camera. http://www.lynda.com is great for tutorials.

      It looks like I have iWork on my backup drive from the old computer, but it’s not installed on my new one. I’ll keep iWork in mind the next time the digital gremlins do away with my photoshop. Thanks for the tip.

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