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Flowering Quince


This photo was taken March 11, but I’ve been unable to share it with you until now. In fact, there are a lot more spring garden photos waiting to be presented in chronological order. And yes… there’s a really good excuse for this delay. The old family homestead has been sold, and the new owner has kindly leased it back to us for two weeks, giving us time to set up an estate sale. Working a fiendish schedule culling, cleaning, sorting, pricing, and staging for this monster sale has left me little time for blogging. If you’re in Dallas and into collecting other peoples’ stuff, go here and here for pertinent details and photos.

2 thoughts on “Flowering Quince”

  1. Leslie Connally says:

    Patsy Ann, I am a BIG fan of flowering quince! You know, the cemetery behind the MAC, Greenwood Cemetery, is full of large old stands of the stuff. It’s a great place to wander. (but “no jogging”!?) lots of iris blooming right now. Quince is spent. Andonanothettopic… Light year for wisteria, sadly 🙁

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      Leslie, my quince wasn’t as bodacious as last year. And yes, it’s way past its prime now. I think our brutal winter took its toll on plant life. Boo hoo…

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