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Click on the above image for a larger version.
Click on the above image for a larger version.

The backyard garden’s construction documents are complete and my landscape architect, Michael Parkey, will now send them out to bid. Perhaps in two weeks the construction will begin and my poor neighbors will no longer have to deal with the view of my trailer-park-of-a backyard.

I have also ordered the fancy lace chain link fence that I wrote about in a previous post. It’s due to ship from India next week. Trying to find someone to deal with all the paperwork involved with getting this chain link fabric cleared through customs has been one giant pain in the derrière. This product has been designed in the Netherlands, fabricated in India, and will be shipped by sea. The Dutch design firm informed me that I would be responsible for locating the nearest deep sea port and arranging for its unloading, customs clearance, and shipping to Dallas. Three weeks later I now have the knowledge and skills to import anything from anywhere. Skills that I could add to my résumé, but won’t, because I never want to do this again. Ever.

I will be posting the different phases of my backyard’s transformation throughout this summer. So stay tuned. If you can’t remember what the hardscape plan looks like, refer to my past post found here.

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