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Take One Last Look

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And say goodbye. Tomorrow morning the crew, Hadden Landscaping, will start the process of converting my backyard into a sun garden. Tomorrow’s agenda includes busting up the old concrete driveway, removing the small shed, and then spraying something on the St. Augustine to kill it. Killing the grass makes me unhappy, because this is the only location on my property where it has thrived. Michael Parkey, my landscape architect who is very environmentally conscious, tells me this is a necessary evil. If we don’t do it, the grass will grow back and become a nuisance in my perennial beds. I find this hard to believe because I can’t get the grass to grow very well in my front shade garden.

I plan to blog all the phases of my backyard’s transformation. The first phase will be the demolition, second phase will be the hardscape installation, and then the final phase will be the landscaping. Stay tuned.

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  1. Babygirl says:

    Congratulations on FINALLY breaking ground!!!

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