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Backyard Progress (days 12 and 13)

Click on the image for a larger version, and you might actually see something you didn't see before.
Click on the image for a larger version, and you might actually see something you didn’t see before.

Dirt has moved. A four inch layer of finished compost and expanded shale have been added and tilled to a six inch depth in all planting beds. Then in the areas where clay pavers and stone paths will be laid down, the dirt has been tamped down. Next Wednesday is the planned day for the stone and brick installation. Only after this has been done, can we proceed with the final phase of regrading and steel edging placements.

I have received word that my lace chain link fabric is slated to arrive at my house on Monday. Maybe, just maybe, the landscape crew will be able to install it next week.

Are you as bored as I am from looking at these backyard update photos? For a change of venue expect a post that has nothing to do with hardscaping, landscaping, and gardening. Hopefully I’ll have it posted by late tomorrow, but first some staging and photography must occur.

3 thoughts on “Backyard Progress (days 12 and 13)”

  1. Margaret Downs-Gamble says:

    Did any paving get done, Patsy Ann? Did the fence arrive? Has the heat frozen progress on the back garden? I heard it was supposed to be 106 in Dallas area today. I can’t imagine how anyone can get anything done in that heat. Hope you’ve managed some progress.

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      Margaret, I’m just now getting ready to post about the reasons for the lack of progress. It will take me about 30 minutes to prepare. Stay tuned.

  2. Margaret Downs-Gamble says:

    OK. I’ll check back in a bit.

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