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Lace Edging Details and My Fence


The real name for it is “picot”, and it’s described by Wikipedia as a loop of thread created for functional or ornamental purposes along the edge of lace, ribbon, crocheted, knitted or tatted material. These loops vary in size, according to their intended function and to their creator’s artistic intention.

This detail view of the fence was taken in the afternoon.
This detail view of the fence was taken in the afternoon.

So, the point of this post is to defend my reasons for allowing the chain link fabric to extend above the top rail. I have an affinity for antique lace and have collected pieces using techniques such as Kenmare, Brussels, and Point de Gaze — all of which have unusual picot edging. Now do you understand that naturally I wanted my chain link fence to imitate this antique art form?

5 thoughts on “Lace Edging Details and My Fence”

  1. Ann Coffee says:

    just one question,… won’t loose one of your puppies, will you????????

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      Ann, I arranged with the designers that the large flower holes within 2 feet of the ground would be filled in with the traditional chain mesh. The only large holes remaining are well beyond their reach. So don’t worry–I was very OCD about this. Anyway frenchies are massive in their heads and chests making them very top heavy and unable to leap agilely.

  2. Ann Coffee says:

    So glad, whew! This is so you to continue your garden, even with the motif of the fence……

  3. Erica says:

    Can you give us a hint on the cost of the lace fencing?

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      Without going through my filed away paperwork, I can’t tell you the cost. But I do know the fabric cost is very reasonable. At the time I ordered my fence–three years ago–the cost was less than a wood stockade fence. Also I had to do my own shipping through a customs broker which added a great deal to the cost, but now they will ship the fabric directly to your door. Then there’s the cost of having the posts and gates fabricated and installed by a local group who will also apply the lace fabric.

      Please note that my fabric was only 4 feet high and not the 8 feet that they illustrate. Why not send your specs to them? They will respond with an estimate.

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