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Remember “The Soup Nazi”?


Here in University Park, she’s called “code enforcement” and has cited me for violating Sec. 3.01.003. Any blockage, impediment, structure, personal property or landscape material that prevents free passage or use or impedes or obstructs an alley easement. Under the dubious guise of “landscape material”, my steel edging could damage wayward tires. Say what? Excuse me, the pointy end of this edging is buried below grade! And exactly where in the ordinance is the easement’s placement described in dimensions? NO WHERE! Just like “landscape material”, the easement’s exact location is open for any kind of interpretation. SCREAM!

3 thoughts on “Remember “The Soup Nazi”?”

  1. Babygirl says:

    Say WHHAT?!?!?

  2. Margaret Downs-Gamble says:

    I’m confused. Is there a fine or do they require you to remove it? In CT they have some astonishing folk who go around and make people take down $350,000 additions. They are very serious about violations in New England. I’m not even certain what your violation actually is.

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      Margaret, the italics in the post is the section from the ordinance for University Park that pertains to my violation, and as you can see it can be freely interpreted. All I received is a citation warning from the official code enforcer for UP, but I will have to adjust the design so that the edging doesn’t encroach into the easement–which I was told is the 3 feet running along side the alley edge. This lady’s only job is to troll for these violations in UP 8 hours a day 5 days a week in her designated truck labeled “Code Enforcer”. No one dares to cross her and folks are always complaining about her on local blogs. She is the “code nazi”.

      My landscape architect has assured me that there is an easy and affordable fix and that would be to cut the edging out in the easement and replace it with a mini trench. Unfortunately the zoysia grass that is to be planted along the alley and fence will be harder to contain and will have to be weed whacked to keep it from growing into the decomposed granite section.

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