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A Teaser Today, But Then Tomorrow…


Expect the big reveal of my newly landscaped backyard. Above is a detail view of the shade portion of the backyard. The scraggly shrub-like tree you see in the lower right corner is actually one of two Coral Bark Japanese Maples. After they have had a chance to stabilize and mature, we will prune them into prettier shapes. This past summer has been cruel to all plants, and quite a few of them will be less than stunning in tomorrow’s big reveal. Although I’ve already noticed a lot of improvement since their planting two weeks ago, for the next six months, most of the improvements will not be above the ground. It’s the root systems that will be developing — the infrastructure — and a year from now there will be plenty of bodacious Kodak moments. So until tomorrow, let’s maintain loose posture.

3 thoughts on “A Teaser Today, But Then Tomorrow…”

  1. Leslie Connally says:

    I love your garage doors!

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      Thanks, Leslie! They were constructed in 2006, but back then I had no landscaping and no concrete pad in front of the new garage. Perhaps this is the reason you have never noticed them.

  2. Pat B O'Brien says:

    I love all of it & look forward to the seeing it all mature. Terrific bird house!!

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