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Utilizing Parenthesis in the Backyard

Oh my gosh! I didn’t notice the dog poo while taking this photo.
Oh my gosh! I didn’t notice the dog poo while taking this photo.

A newly bracketed focal point. These two cast stone benches arrived Friday, but I had to wait for the weather to clear up before I could photograph them. If the brick and decomposed granite appear unusually saturated color wise, that’s because they are saturated from days and days of badly needed rain.

I did a tremendous amount of research before choosing this pair. The strict criteria of depth and length determined by the brick terrace’s shape and size, and the height determined by the central pot drastically limited my choices. And then, of course, there was the overall design to worry about. Do you know what kind of designs there were plenty of? Foo foo. Lots and lots of frilly overwrought foo foo. Bleh! The best choices were found through Campania International, and since they are strictly wholesale, Nicholson-Hardie had them ordered and delivered to me. The Pansy Bench was the only choice that had the right dimensions and clean lines. Unfortunately there’s a wee bit of flower frippery on the pedestal supports that will hopefully become less noticeable as the concrete ages.

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