Miss Priss and Her Brother

Way back when we believed in Santa Claus.
Way back when we believed in Santa Claus.

Dressed up like dolls. If we don’t look ecstatic to see Santa, it’s because Win and I learned early on not to take him very seriously. Not once did he ever bring us what we had asked for. The usual presents for me were more hats, gloves, underwear, slippers, socks, and nightgowns. I know, I should be grateful. At least I wasn’t running around naked.

I’m pretty sure that number holder thing also served as an ashtray. Everybody smoked in those days, including Santa.

2 thoughts on “Miss Priss and Her Brother”

  1. Jaminet says:

    I love this pic, looks like an old Christmas card, but I can certainly recognize the faces. Just adorable! You are always entertaining with your blogs, thank you. And thank you for the card, loved it. A card that completely represents your personality. I wish you a merry Christmas, santa hat, church and snow 😉

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      Thank you, Jaminet! Enjoy the holiday! And stay clear of large green lizards. Actually I think they’re planning on trolling the bubble and Preston Hollow.

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