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Come and Get It, You Little Monster


Last Friday night my little pond was totally trashed. And while cleaning — desperately looking for my three little fish — I only found bits and pieces of my former friends. The experts say it was raccoons, and there’s little to be done to prevent this from happening again. But this will not keep me from trying to encourage them to move out of my neighborhood. Master Services Animal Control has set up two traps around the fish pond, and way in the back end of each trap is a small container of dog food. They tell me that cats are not likely to fall for this trick, and I’m counting on it. If and when a raccoon has been captured, I will photograph the criminal to share with you before he or she is taken far away to be released.

If you’re wondering about new fish for the pond, I’m told that the new shipments of fish won’t arrive at local water garden stores until mid-April.

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