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Bald Patch Blight

At least this sad section is hidden from public view.
At least this sad section is hidden from public view.

Yes, that’s right, my back garden has some issues. This Texas betony is less than perfect and refuses to perform as advertised. After all it is a Texas native. Some of you may have heard it referred to as Scarlet betony or Scarlet hedgenettle. From what I have read this plant does not like having continually wet feet and prefers dappled shade. Unfortunately, our past spring has been extremely wet. But since it does like heat, it may recover this summer. Besides the surrounding plants have the same drainage requirements and are thriving despite our wet spring. As for the lack of dappled shade in this spot, my landscape architect doesn’t see this as a problem. If by fall, this area has not shown any improvement, then a substitute will definitely be needed. Originally, Michael had specified Salvia darcyi for this location, but it’s a Holy Grail kind of plant, the kind that requires a quest to find.

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