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Tonight at The Reading Room

(left) 'Esdenis', 2012, Letraset, 10" x 9”; (right) 'Field #26', 2012, collage on paper, 8/5" x 7"
(left) ‘Esdenis’, 2012, Letraset, 10″ x 9”; (right) ‘Field #26’, 2012, collage on paper, 8/5″ x 7″

Eric Zimmerman’s Telltale Ashes and Endless Disharmony will open at The Reading Room on Friday, August 31 from 7 to 10 pm with a performance at 8 pm. The exhibition will include collage, drawings, a publication, and website and will continue through September 15.

Zimmerman’s work deals with the problematics and complexities of representation and the creative process. He will approach these issues by having concurrent exhibitions at TRR in Dallas and Art Palace in Houston and by establishing relationships/harmonies and dis-harmonies between the two sites.

Telltale Ashes is the name of one of Houdini’s card tricks that appears to impart the magician with mystical and telepathic abilities to communicate with the “other” side. Endless Disharmony derives from Zimmerman’s interest in the idea of infinity and refers, among other things, to the looping cassette tapes his work has incorporated for several years.

Zimmerman’s work has shown in Texas at Art Palace, Old Jail Center, Grace Museum, Austin Museum of Art, 2009 Texas Biennial, Fort Worth Contemporary Art and in New York at Horton Gallery and The Re Institute.  He received a MFA from the University of Texas at Austin. Zimmerman was in residence at The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in spring 2012 and will be a visiting artist at the Wassaic Project this month. He is currently editor of … might be good journal.

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