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What’s a Girl to Wear?

What to pack? Decisions decisions decisions...
What to pack? Decisions decisions decisions…

I’m having a packing dilemma. I’m flying off to vacation in Newport, RI for ten days and just realized that I have two suitcase sizes to choose from. One’s way too big, and the other is way too small. Drat. Why didn’t I think about this before my last day in town? But I’m very prepared otherwise. Since it’s truly autumn up there, I’ll be packing for cool weather—which means bulkier clothing—which means I have no other choice but to use the larger bag. Drat!

FYI: That doll critter is known as the Patsy Ann doll, which my mother named me after. Funny thing is that when I purchased a vintage version and showed it to my mom, she was so disappointed. Evidently, she had remembered another doll which was much better looking. Definitely not this one. Hah!

One thought on “What’s a Girl to Wear?”

  1. Saira says:

    Have a fabulous time! I love the PA doll photo’s!!

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