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Trick O’ Treat

All items were purchased from Oriental Trading.
All items were purchased from Oriental Trading.

The goodie bags are ready and waiting by the front door, stuffed with edible weirdness and kooky treats. Again I miscalculated the bag size, and it looked like I wouldn’t be able to jam in all six items. It’s a tight fit, seams are strained, and items may be squished, but what’s Halloween without some squish? I haven’t tried any of the candy and probably won’t, but I am currently soaking a brain to see how big it grows. After eight hours it looks it may need a lifetime.

2 thoughts on “Trick O’ Treat”

  1. Saira says:

    Try soaking the brain in Hendricks…candy brain may generate different results than human! Lol

  2. Patsy Ann says:

    Hah! Saira, you read my mind.

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