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A Clean Start

Perhaps I overstyled this shot. It’s the soap I want you to focus on.
Perhaps I overstyled this shot. It’s the soap I want you to focus on.

A clean start can begin with soap, an especial soap made by the Texas Nuns of the Monastery of St. Michael the Archangel in San Antonio. I’ve been looking for an all-natural soap for my guest bathroom for the last couple of months. Most of the current natural soaps on the market were just too dang big for my vintage bathroom. I don’t care if they’ve been tripled milled and have crushed unicorn dust. If they don’t fit the original built-in ceramic soap holders, they’re useless to me. And what if a guest were to accidentally drop this massive soapy brick on his or her toes? I would have to make a 911 call and worry about a future law suit. Nope to big soap.

About every two weeks I check in with Communication Arts to see their latest web design picks. One of these picks took me to a super cool site for a design agency called STITCH. It’s funny how poking around on designer websites can lead to cool products, and that’s how I discovered the nuns’ soap Nonnavita. STITCH had recently updated their logo and packaging, which you can read about in their blog post.

Here’s how the nuns describe their product on facebook: Introducing Nonnavita! It’s super. It’s natural. It’s just darn good soap. What does Nonnavita mean? It’s a word we put together, from two Latin words: nonna, meaning nun, and vita, meaning life: A Nun’s Life. Our life. And that’s what you’ll support when you order a bar or two, (or maybe even five) of this great soap. Your $7 donation gets you one 4 oz bar of all natural soap made with certified organic ingredients. It cleans. It smells fantastic. It moisturizes – even here in San Antonio, where the water is hard as nails. Nonnavita. It’s super. It’s natural. It’s just darn good soap!

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  1. Brenda says:

    Thanks for the info on the Nonnavita soap. I will order some from them.

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