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Halloween tricks and treat bags are ready and waiting by the front door.
Halloween tricks and treat bags are ready and waiting by the front door.

It’s Halloween, the last day of the month, and my first blog post in six weeks. I have yet to post any photos here on my blog from my four-week vacation in Paris, France. Mainly because I’m in the middle of installing brand new computer equipment. It turns out that the raw photos I shot in Paris require the latest and greatest computer system to import into Photoshop. But that IS NOT the reason for the new equipment. After three years and then some, it was way past time to upgrade. Way.

Then there’s the 8.4 acres of raw undeveloped land that I just put a contract on in Saint Jo, Texas, which is located north of Dallas in what is called the North Texas Hill Country. The closing is scheduled for the end of November. I will post the photographs I took when walking the perimeter last week. Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “What’s In the Bag”

  1. Edith Wright Bower says:

    Saint Jo , oh no! As I was reading , I was waiting froming the word Cloud after the Saint in my head, you know in Paris…I thought for sure it was land acquisition en France Cherie .

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      Edith, gosh no. I wanted a little getaway close to Dallas. Someplace far away from the crowds and craziness of Dallas. Someplace where developers haven’t disturbed what nature intended. After the harrowing trip back to Dallas from France that took two days of hell and then some, I’m not too keen about making frequent trips abroad. Maybe one big foreign trip per year, but that would be it. But having a slice of country heaven so close by to escape to is just the ticket for me. I have a close friend who owns 34 acres close to my new property, so I have a friend to hang out with if I’m in need of a human voice. My Dallas home will always be my home, and this place is just an easy getaway.

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