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Carolyn Sorter’s Necronetworking performance at The Reading Room is this Saturday, Valentine’s Day, from 2pm to 5pm. It will be the perfect antidote to the day’s sappy hoopla. In her own words, “Walk in or out, observing or ignoring.” This event ties in with her current Seismic Hive exhibition which you can learn more about my clicking the link below.

A still captured from Carolyn Sorter’s composite video
A still captured from Carolyn Sorter’s composite video

Seismic Hive includes four videos, each one a composite of many videos which Carolyn Sorter calls “vidi.” For one of her vidi, Falls, Sorter offers this description of her “hive” process on her website: “This and the other composite pieces were created by screen-capturing a live, “VJ’d” performance of a curated array of embedded YouTube vidis; hence the skips and real-time cursor action. All audio is native to the appropriated vidis, manipulated only by using the YouTube controls. The component vidis were created by their respective makers.”

Two very long digital prints documenting YouTube comments are also part of the exhibition. Printed on vintage seismic graph paper from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, these prints are approximately 15 feet and 24 feet long and are draped over a series of track hurdles.

Carolyn Sorter’s ‘Seismic Hive’ will be on view at The Reading Room, 3715 Parry Avenue, through February 21. Her performance is only tomorrow, Valentine’s Day.

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