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Fancy New Business Card

Since I work from home, I decided not to print my phone number on the card.
Since I work from home, I decided not to print my phone number on the card.

Having a business card is kind of important if you’re a graphic designer. Aside from having the essential contact information, a designer’s card should be something the recipient would want to hold on to, a keepsake. Creating this tactile treasure was more difficult than designing my website, because I knew that once it was printed, there would be no way to backtrack and undo or redo any portion of it.

The silver gray ink is a custom blend of a metallic gray and black. The sparkle is very subtle, but just enough to give a metallic sheen to the background image on the front. If you’re wondering what that image is, it’s an antique doorbell intercom. I also chose to use a 100 percent rag cover stock. This means it’s made from cotton rags, not wood pulp. As some character in an old movie once said, “That’s top drawer.”

paper: Crane’s Crest, Fluorescent White 110C smooth
ink frontside: PMS 3375; PMS black; and a custom blend of PMS 8003 (100%) and black (40%); and a varnish protective coating
ink backside: PMS 3375; black; and varnish
shape: custom die




2 thoughts on “Fancy New Business Card”

  1. Margaret Downs-Gamble says:

    I LOVE these, PA! The colors, the shape, the clarity of the font, even the tiny bell icon unite to say, “great designer”!

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      Thank you, thank you, Margaret!

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