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Tumble Moon (Update 5)

The bed alcove on the second floor.

The house is now a structural reality. Charley McKenney and I met the general contractor Pat Fuhrmann today along with his subs to go over the custom cabinetry and the electrical needs for my tiny house. It was perfect spring weather with an incredible cross breeze blowing through the window and door openings. And the views from the windows are even more spectacular than I had imagined. Again, I should have taken my fancy camera with a zoom lens, but instead shot the following photos with my iPhone.

(above) I had to include the trailer. It’s just too fun to crop out.
(above) West side elevation.
(above) The back elevation with my architect Charley McKenney in the foreground.
(above) The view from the back door of the front living area. The wood burning stove will be installed where the ladder is leaning.
(above) The storm shelter has been installed. Notice the vent near the bottom of the black door? It’s primary purpose is to allow air into the shelter, but it could also serve as a slot for passing food and water to an imprisoned guest who made the mistake of misbehaving.
(above) For the convenience of those seeking shelter or who have been imprisoned, there is carpet covered wall-mounted bench.
(above) A side view of the stair and storm shelter.
(above) There are five men in my kitchen, but I don’t plan on cooking for any of them.
(above) The view from the second floor stair windows.
(above) The view from my bed alcove into the master bath.
(above) The view from my bed alcove.
(above) Another view from the bed alcove.
(above) The view towards the garage from the bed alcove.

3 thoughts on “Tumble Moon (Update 5)”

  1. Edith Wright says:

    You forgot to write, Muuwaaahhhhhh after the prison/shelter door slot purpose.
    I absolutely loved Dino’s trailer, I hadn’t looked at your comment
    You must be thrilled. I love the driveup, I can totally invision the beauty you’ll dream up.
    I am a bit concerned of the staircases, but I suppose you are the BionicBallerina .

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      Yesterday, the stairs were not a problem. My hip hurts doing other things, but not stairs. Anyway, after Tuesday, all will be better and bionic.

  2. Edith Wright says:

    Ugh, just saw I spelled something after a friend’s company, not the word I was typing

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