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Tumble Moon (Update 6)

If you’re wondering how to climb up to the front porch, stay tuned for my next post, Tumble Moon (Update 7).

Last week we all met at Tumble Moon to go over wood floor options, exterior colors, and interior paint, tile, and countertop colors. And most importantly to work out the site’s grading and how to develop the approach to the front of the house, which I will cover in a future post.

(above) First, I want to show you the view from the front porch. Rocking chairs will have to be added to my furniture-to-buy list. Charley McKenney and Michael Parkey are discussing how to solve the approach and steps up to the house. There’s quite an incline to deal with.
(above) It was the perfect day for experimenting with colors, because there were both cloudy and sunny moments. Color varies greatly depending on the light. Here we’re seeing the sunny west side.
(above) As you can see here on the shadier east side, the colors appear more muted than the west side. We don’t want them to be too drab. Nor do we want them too punchy. I’m pretty sure the painter has never dealt with such picky city folks.
(above) Here are the three final colors on the west side. I forgot to mention that it’s not paint but an opaque stain that will be used on all wood. The blue/gray color is only for the shutters, and that’s definite. The question that we will need to decide on, is which of the other two will be the stain for all the wood, and which will be the paint for doors and window trim.
(above) Here are the final three colors on the east side. The next step will be to do a much larger mock up of each color combination on and around one window on each side. Which also means another field trip!
(above) My two doors are waiting to be installed.

(above) Upstairs, on the left next to the bed alcove, a hole had to be cut in order to access the interior space for ac/heater ductwork. It will eventually be sealed up, patched and painted.
(above) Another view upstairs showing the bed alcove to the left and the stair landing to the right. All the walls in the house will have horizontal 1 x 8 painted wood.

(above) Looking from the bed alcove to the master bath and closet. Charley McKenney, my architect is standing on the left, and Pat Fuhrmann, my general contractor, is standing on the right.

2 thoughts on “Tumble Moon (Update 6)”

  1. Margaret Downs-Gamble says:

    I should have known the ceilings would be as carefully considered as any other feature. The upstairs ceiling is beautiful. If “calm” can be designed and built, you have. I can hardly wait to see it completed and furnished.

    1. Edith Wright says:

      Me too, Margaret.

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