Country Retreat

Tumble Moon (Update 10)

This recent photo is more about the sunflowers than it is about the house’s exterior updates.

Here’s the progress as of Friday, September 15. The interiors have now been painted, the stair bannisters and counter tops are now in place, the water pipes are now connected to the well, and the house now has electricity. The tiling of the kitchen backsplash, bathrooms, and hearth had just began on the day I was there, and as of last week, Friday, October 6, all of this had been completed. This week, the light fixtures and door hardware, which are there and waiting, should be installed, and I will also be ordering all the appliances. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to place them until after the floor has been stained. The septic system should also be installed soon. The poor guy who will be doing this had to wait until all the water pipe and electrical trenching had been completed.

(above) View to the back door and kitchen. The cabinet crown molding isn’t right and will be redone. Right now it looks too punched in, too exaggerated and needs to be much more subtle.
(above) View of the other side of the kitchen and opening entrance to the downstairs bathroom. The tiling has just begun, and there’s a lot of it. There’s the backsplash, both bathrooms, and hearth wall and floor.
(above) The stair’s bannisters and railing are now in place.
(above) On the second floor looking towards the stair. The handrail on the right has a funny dogleg ending on both ends which will need to disappear or something.
(above) Looking into the northeast corner of the second floor.
(above) Looking into the northwest corner of the upstairs bedroom.
(above) Looking into the bed niche where I plan to have a queen size iron bed.
(above) We have finally decided on the floor stain, BUT it will have to be a custom blend. Charley will have to work directly with the paint store to make this happen instead of having our poor painting contractor mess with it.
(above) Not only do our tiling contractors have creative skills, they also have a sense of humor.
(above) This is the slate tile that will be used for the hearth.
(above) Showing the hearth tile with the wall tile which will be installed on the wall behind the wood burning stove.
(above) Showing the tile on the wall next to a painted surface. The colors look great together.
(above) The wall on the right is where the stone tile will be installed.
(above) The front door. All the door hardware has arrived, but still needs to be installed.
(above) The counter tops have been installed, and this is how they look next to the wall and trim colors.
(above) Charley and Pat are working out how the shutter hardware will fit and operate. This particular shutter belongs to another window but was easier to work with during this trial.
(above) I know this is a really bad photo of the west side of the house. There was too much sun and contrast, but I wanted to at least show how the exterior looks with its new stain colors. Eventually the blue gray shutters will be installed, and they will add more color interest.

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