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Tumble Moon (Update 11)

The bed alcove upstairs.

This update is three and a half months late. Not much has occurred since this visit at the very end of October, because we’ve been on hold waiting for the septic system to be installed. And the reason for this delay was because of a major communication hiccup between contractors. The electrical trench and water pipe were installed right through the area where the septic field was suppose to be. So we all got together and discussed the pros and cons of viable placement options. Meaning… Once we agreed on the new location, new plans had to be redrawn and then permitted. Then the holidays happened, folks got sick, and the weather has been working against us. Long story short, three point five months later, the septic system has now been installed, but we’re waiting on the electrician to provide an electrical outlet in the pump house so we can plug in a heat lamp to keep the water from freezing and bursting pipes.

The wood burning stove and all appliances, with the exception of the refrigerator, have been installed. I’m anxious to see this stove, but it will have to wait when a lot more progress has occurred. Hopefully in four weeks we’ll be very close to doing the punch list. And then the fun part begins, selecting the interior furnishings.

(above) My wood-burning stove from Vermont Castings will be placed in the center of this tiled wall. Actually, it was installed last week. I can’t wait to see it.
(above) A view of the color combinations and surface textures. Cleaning and paint touchups will be needed once construction is completed.
(above) Try to ignore the blue painter’s tape.
(above) A view showing the front wall and side wall.
(above) A view into the dining space and on into the kitchen. The round dining table will be centered under the pulley light.
(above) The downstairs bathroom which is right off the kitchen in the back part of the house.
(above) The downstairs bathroom. We’re not happy with the tile installation. Note how the tiles in the foreground are laid in a wonky way. That’s called tile lippage. Another problem is where the tile layer chose to start his first vertical row on the walls. A “good” tile layer would start in the middle of each wall—not the outside edge. Ggggrrrrr…
(above) The front porch and front door.
(above) Here we were working with the shutter hardware in the open position.
(above) And this is the shutter in its closed position.
(above) In the garage, the remaining shutters are lined up and waiting to be installed.
(above) This was the first time to be there late with the west sun lighting the interiors. Please try to ignore the blue painter’s tape.
(above) The staircase landing is the bedroom.
(above) The upstairs closet.
(above) The upstairs bathroom. In other words, the master bath.
(above) Here’s the kitchen faucet which has since been installed.
(above) And here are the vanity and shower faucets for one bathroom. There’s a duplicate set for the second bathroom.

One thought on “Tumble Moon (Update 11)”

  1. Barb Brewer, R.N. retired says:

    Looks like you are coming along with the st. jo house /retreat. reminds me of Louisiana a bit with the elevated porch.Good luck!! with your house.It is beautiful with the native flowers. B. Brewer, Keller {It has been about 4 years or so since I looked/visited your web site!!!

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