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Tumble Moon (Update 17)

March 27, 2019. All the curtain panels were hung. The fabric for the downstair’s cafe curtains is a slightly different color and design from the upstair’s panels. Click the “more” link below to see additional images of the curtain installation.

(above) This photo not only shows the newly installed café curtain panels but also the spiffy new Vermont Castings cast iron wood burning stove.
(above) Another corner of the living area. The hanging pendant light fixture indicates where the dining table will be placed.
(above) Looking towards the dining area and kitchen.
(above) A corner of the upstairs bedroom.
(above) The two tramp art frames purchased a few months ago are now mirrors. I’m so excited about how wonderful they look in each bathroom.
(above) The view from the exterior to the interior is now shielded from prying eyes.
(above) And the final photo for tonight is one of Tumble Moon’s front exterior with the newly curtained windows. In a week or so, an enameled railing will be installed on the stone steps.

2 thoughts on “Tumble Moon (Update 17)”

  1. Margaret Downs-Gamble says:

    PA, beautiful photographs. I’m especially taken by two things that are just so and so you: the fact that your stove’s pipe is almost invisible so that your lovely stove is a feature not the pipe AND how beautifully your bathroom mirror turned out. Your have such a refined attention to detail.

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      Thank you so much, Margaret! Yes, by threading the stove’s pipe horizontally straight out through the exterior wall, I was able to avoid having it come through my upstairs bedroom taking up the precious space where my bureau and Mr. Squirrel now reside.

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