Country Retreat

Tumble Moon (Update 19)

October 18, 2019. And so, the big day finally arrived. The furniture was professionally moved in by a white gloved service. For the past year, all the major pieces had been shipped to them and then stored in their warehouse. I can’t tell you how many times the move day had to be rescheduled because of illness, inclement weather, schedule conflicts, or the holidays, but most of the time, it was the inclement weather. Tumble Moon’s soil can take days to dry out after any kind of rain. We needed to do the unloading while the ground was dry—dry enough to be able to bring in the large truck, unload the furniture, set all pieces on the ground around the truck, and then select the heavier pieces to move inside first.

Country Retreat

Tumble Moon (Update 18)

The wooden chairs will remain inside, but the rustic table is meant for the front porch. When I’m not staying there, all porch furniture will be brought inside for safe-keeping.

October 10, 2019. Every surface was scrubbed down, and bronze hardware fixtures were installed in both bathrooms. This included hanging hooks, towel racks, toilet paper holders, and towel rings. Most of the flatware, dinnerware, and drinking glasses were unpacked. While most of the furniture is still in storage and will be moved to Tumble Moon next week, three floor lamps and some furniture were brought from my Dallas home where I had been keeping them until the construction had been completed.