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Tumble Moon (Update 19)

October 18, 2019. And so, the big day finally arrived. The furniture was professionally moved in by a white gloved service. For the past year, all the major pieces had been shipped to them and then stored in their warehouse. I can’t tell you how many times the move day had to be rescheduled because of illness, inclement weather, schedule conflicts, or the holidays, but most of the time, it was the inclement weather. Tumble Moon’s soil can take days to dry out after any kind of rain. We needed to do the unloading while the ground was dry—dry enough to be able to bring in the large truck, unload the furniture, set all pieces on the ground around the truck, and then select the heavier pieces to move inside first.

(above) First the two rugs had to be carefully positioned. Both wool braided rugs are custom made with subtle colors that won’t compete with the other fabric hues chosen for the space. The downstairs rug is the smaller one with the larger one upstairs in the bedroom. Originally, we had planned the opposite, but because of the amount of large furniture downstairs, the smaller rug avoided competing for space. They now work perfectly in their assigned spaces.
(above) This and the following photos were taken after all the furniture had been moved in. Here’s one portion of the living area.
(above) Another side of the living area next to the wood burning stove.
(above) While the movers were doing all the hard physical work, I played house with my new tableware.
(above) The larger braided rug, bed, and chaise lounge with the little sewing table and bench have now been moved upstairs to the bedroom.
(above) Here’s the other side of the bedroom. You’ll notice in the background on the floor next to the partially hidden bureau two painted table tops which are waiting to be hung on either side of the bed to serve as night tables.
(above) A closeup of the bedding.
(above) And finally, the second of two front porch rocking chairs. Both rockers and the stools were purchased through Troutman Chair Company.

2 thoughts on “Tumble Moon (Update 19)”

  1. ann coffee says:

    You need to send these fabulous photos into “Garden & Gun”, and have them to an expose on your property. They are always sharing wonderful articles on hidden locales….

    1. Patsy Ann says:

      Cool! Thank you, Ann. I’ve heard good things of the magazine, but have never actually seen one. A Charleston design studio that I follow on Instagram has done some impressive design work for them.

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