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Society Garlic and Stringy Stonecrop
Society Garlic and Stringy Stonecrop

Society Garlic. The Society Garlic (the variegated cultivar known as Tulbaghia violate ‘Silver Lace’) that you see in the foreground of the above photo is not actually a garlic, but is a “cousin” of true garlic and is more closely related to the narcissus flower. Despite its garlic smell and name, it’s not recommended for consumption. Although usually said to be edible, it needs to be treated with care or it could cause stomach problems. I recently learned not to deadhead these plants with my bare hands. Doing so gave me stinky hands for two weeks, and frequent washing and scrubbing did nothing to help.

Stringy Stonecrop (Sedum sarmentosum). After the yellow blooms fade in a few weeks, this sedum will send out long runners. Eventually, the places where these clumps have been planted will have become solid carpets of chartreuse.

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