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A New Day, A New Look

Photo by Harrison Evans
Photo by Harrison Evans

Welcome to my new website. Everything is now visually under one roof. What I mean is that it’s not just a blog but much more. I purchased a premium portfolio theme (template to those not in the industry) and extensively customized it. It’s powered by WordPress and uses some newly available web tricks such as HTML5, CSS3, and media queries. Media queries is just a fancy term for a fluid site that will shape itself to fit all devices.

Please understand that a portfolio website is one that is loaded with heavy graphics and will have slow downloads on handheld devices. This kind of site is best looked at on any display larger than a smart phone. Another problem is, unfortunately, Internet Explorer which has been less than cooperative in keeping up with all the newly available technologies. It’s the only browser that required me to include gobs of extra code in order for my site to be seen somewhat as I designed it. IE is so hated that a lot of web designers have stopped catering to it. The browsers that are perfect angels are Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Love them, but hate Internet EXPLODER! Anything older than IE 9 will cause my site to look like doo-doo.

It still requires tweaking, but is ready for prime time. Have fun!

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