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Tumble Moon (Update 3)

Please don’t laugh. I know it’s just the garage, but it’s physical proof of progress. And this makes me happy.

Tumble Moon now has a well, pump house, and garage. Things are really beginning to pick up steam, and if I’m not careful, I could easily become overwhelmed. Even though I experienced the renovation of my home here in Dallas, building something from scratch is a whole ‘nother ball game. And then there’s the driving back and forth to Saint Jo in a single day (two hours there and three frustrating hours back) that will have to be done more frequently.

Since my entire property is on an incline, the garage’s foundation pad had to be built up 37 inches on one side to make it level. Now that the garage is built, the contractors have a protected place to store the materials and equipment. When I was there on Friday, the cedar siding for the two small structures had arrived and was being unloaded and stored in the garage. Boy, did it smell good. In fact, everything smells good out there.

There’s also another really good reason to have your outbuildings built first. We (me, architect, tree preservationist, and contractor) had adjusted the staking of the house’s corners twice, but in a higgledy-piggledy wild landscape, it’s difficult to envision how all the structures will relate to each other. In my case, my future tiny house now had a grand view of the garage. We whipped out our string, tape measures, and stakes and rotated the perimeter away from the garage. I’m so glad I made that trip out there Friday and was able to correct this, because this week, the forms for the pier beam foundation will be placed and the concrete will be poured.

It kind of looks like an outhouse, doesn’t it? I may carve a crescent into the door. If I do, my future guests when driving past it may get the impression that Patsy Ann has taken the rustic lifestyle a little too far. Please note that the well is separate from the pump house. This is so that if the well needs to be replaced, the well digging equipment will have complete access. Eventually a concrete cap will be placed over the well’s protruding pipes.

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