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Tumble Moon (Update 4)

Just a hint of what views can be seen from the finished house. I will have to take my fancy camera out there on the next visit, so I can zoom in on this view and capture all the lush landscape details of the Red River valley. This photo was taken with my iPhone which doesn’t have much zoom ability.

With the foundation complete, I and my architect, Charley McKenney, took Eco Friends Pest Control out to Tumble Moon to do the first phase of the termite treatment. The second and final treatment will have to wait until after all construction and exterior grading have been completed.

The large block of concrete that you see within the foundation in the above photo is where the storm shelter will be installed under the staircase. Tumble Moon is located within the infamous tornado alley that runs from Oklahoma through North Texas.

We’re again in a hold pattern, because the framing cannot begin until the storm shelter has been installed. For some unknown reason the storm shelter contractor failed to tell us he lost our drawings. Now that we have sent them by FedEx, he claims it will take at least two weeks to build and install. And by the way, it will cost me more than he originally estimated. I guess the first set of drawings weren’t really looked at very closely when he did his original estimate.

(above) The front view of the foundation.
(above) The garage is now complete with the exception of the exterior stain. Charley McKenney, my architect, has decided all three structures will be painted with an opaque stain.

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  1. Danni says:

    Just now catching up on all this, and it is SO COOL and fascinating! Thanks so much for sharing all these details – so informative!!

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